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KPOP Quiz!

1. First kpop group: Wonder Girls

2. First kpop song that you heard: Nobody 

3. Favorite male kpop group: 2pm

4. Favorite female kpop group: Wonder Girls

5. Favorite solo artist:  Ailee

6. Current favorite song: Ivy ft. Yubin- I Dance

7. Favorite kpop music videos: 2pm-A.D.T.O.Y, WG-Nobody/2DT/Be My Baby/ Like This, JJ Project-Bounce

8. Favorite ballad: 2pm-Back To You, Ailee-Heaven, WG-Girlfriend/Sorry, miss A-Madness

9. Catchiest tune: I want nobody, nobody, but you!

10. Best male dancer: Junho (2pm)

11. Best female dancer: Min/Jia (miss A), Hyoyeon 

12. Best male vocalist: 2am, Junho/Junsu, JB, Kyuhyun, Onew/Jonghyun 

13. Best female vocalist: Hyorin, Sunye, Yeeun, Taeyeon, Seohyun, Ailee, 15&

14. Best male rapper: Taecyeon, San E, Dongwoo/Hoya 

15. Best female rapper: Yubin

16. Best male leader: Onew 

17. Best female leader: Sunye

18. Current song you’re listening to: Female President (Girls’ Day)

19. Previous song you listened to: Bad Girls (Ladies Code)

20. Next song you’ll listen to: Somebody (15&) 

21. Current kpop group addiction: Girls’ Day, BTS

22. Current kpop song addiction: Ivy- I Dance

23. Female kpop idol bias: Sunye, Seohyun, Min

24. Male kpop idol bias: Junho/Chansung, Onew, Hoya, JB

25. Ultimate bias: Sunye

26. Hottest male idol: Kim Soo-Hyun, 2pm, Lee Joon

27. Cutest male idol: Jr. (JJ Project), Kevin (U-kiss)

28. Prettiest female idol: Suzy, Sohee, Yuri, 

29. Cutest maknae:  Lim/Hyelim (WG), Taemin

31. Which Fandoms are you apart of: Wonderfuls, Hottests, Say A, Shawols, Kiss Me, Playboys, Star 1, SONEs (JJ Project/15&/Secret/BTS/Baek Ah Yeon/Ailee (?))

32. What is your favorite Korean Drama: Dream High, Dream High 2, Reply 1997


The Wonder Girls Interrupt the School Gyrls

Kingymontage had the idea

Oldie but goodie. lol

What People Should Understand About Kpop…

Is that groups need to be balanced. I am so sick of people saying how this group only has 2 great singers or this person in the group is unnecessary…um these groups are created so that everyone serves a purpose. For example Wonder Girls. Sunye/Yeeun are the lead vocals, Yubin is the rapper and occasionally the main dancer, Lim is the main dancer now and occasional rapper, Sohee is the visual. This is the basis for every kpop group. Probably never will you see a group where every member is a power vocal. So it really annoys me when people say that Sohee should never sing, or she has no talent and does nothing for the group. Sohee has improved miles on her voice, she is a naturally great dancer, but aside from that she serves her purpose as VISUAL well. She attracts people to the group and majority of people in Korea think she is one of the most beautiful idols around. Believe it or not, looks matter just as much as talent.   

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